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Various applications for zoning, subdivisions and building permits are available below. Please note that the forms must be printed out and completed by hand. If the form/information you need is not provided on this web site, please call the Zoning Office at 610-346-6700 Extension 10 or 12.




Subdivision & Land Development Plan Submission Day is the second Wednesday of each month by noon. New submissions submitted will be reviewed for completeness, and if complete, will be placed on the Planning Commission agenda (first Wednesday of month at 7 pm) the second month after they are accepted. This provides an opportunity for each Planning Commission member to review the project, and if requested, receive a copy of our engineer’s review of the project. (Please go to Planning Commission page for additional information on submissions.)


All other ordinances for Zoning & Subdivision and Land Development adopted after these are located here: Downloads. Click on the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance or Zoning Ordinance categories to view these ordinances.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Permitting
There are two big questions to answer about stormwater planning.

  1. When am I required to do it?
  2. If I am required to do it, what do I have to do?

When am I required to do it? When you add new impervious cover to your lot (buildings and additions, driveway extensions (including gravel), sidewalks, swimming pool decks, porches, patios and any other improvement that water can’t pass through). The surface area of a swimming pool doesn’t count.

Every lot created before August 2002 (the date of the Township’s first stormwater ordinance) is allocated a cumulative total of 1000 square feet of “unregulated activity.” That means you only need a zoning permit and you don’t need a stormwater permit. This is a cumulative total, so if the lot added 400 square feet in 2005, 500 square feet in 2010 and you want to add another 600 square feet today, you’re over the threshold of unregulated activity and you’ll need a stormwater permit.

A lot may also be eligible for peak flow exemption based on lot size. For instance a lot of 2 to 5 acres gets a 5000 square foot exemption from peak flow. However, if the lot is in the Cooks Creek Watershed, it is not exempt from water quality requirements, and you’ll have to get a stormwater permit to manage water quality. If you’re not in the Cooks Creek Watershed, you’re just exempt and your zoning permit will deduct the amount of impervious in your application from the total exemption.

What am I required to do? It depends on how big your project is. If you’re adding less than 2500 square of impervious (again cumulative) AND you’re disturbing less than 5000 square feet of ground, you can use what’s called the “simplified method.” This method does not require you to hire an engineer, but it does require you to do some basic math. Appendix C of Chapter 152 (Stormwater) in the Township Code gives detailed instructions. The fee for this method is $300. The Zoning Officer will review and approve your permit, and then you’ll have the Township Engineer inspect it twice. The first inspection is when the hole is dug and the geotextile fabric is laid. The second is when the stone is in. The Township Engineer will give approval to cover at that time.
If your project is bigger than that—or if you just want to have someone do it for you—hire a professional engineer to submit a stormwater management plan. The fee is $100 and you’re required to put down $750 escrow. The Township Engineer will review and approve the plan. You’ll have to post escrow for the cost of construction. You’ll also have to have an Operations & Maintenance Agreement developed by the Township Solicitor recorded on your deed.

For detailed information, Chapter 152 of the Springfield Township Code of Ordinances is here.

Please click below to view the Stormwater process chart to determine if stormwater management is needed and if the simplified stormwater method or stormwater management plan application must be used.

Springfield Township Stormwater Process

Click on the following to view the applications, procedures & ordinance (w/updates to the ordinance):
Stormwater Management Plan Application

Stormwater Simplified Method Application and Procedure

Stormwater Management Ordinance References

Click below to view the Springfield Township Fee Schedule:
Fee Schedule (Adopted 8.25.2018)

Stormwater Process