Other Resources

Springfield Township Historical Society — If you would like information about the History of Springfield Township or about the SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP HISTORICAL SOCIETY, you may contact them at: springtwphistsoc@gmail.com or PO Box 21, Springtown, PA 18081.

Bucks County

Cooks Creek Watershed Association Conservation Plan

Network of Victims Assistance (NOVA)

Palisades School District

Springfield Township Community Day

Social Security

Springfield Township EAC

Springfield Township Lions Club

Springtown Volunteer Fire Company

Homestead/Farmstead Property Tax Relief Act — Please access this link if you would like to understand and/or apply for the Homestead/Farmstead Property Tax Relief Act 1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any change to your deed will remove your Homestead/Farmstead Property Tax Relief status. A new application must be completed and returned to Bucks County Board of Assessment Appeals office. An owner’s change of address or mailing address could also affect his/her status. Call the Board of Assessment at 215-348-6219 if you have questions about your application status.

Property Tax Assessment Information — Residential owners are eligible for one annual appeal on their assessment. Please access this site if you would like to understand and/or apply for an appeal on your property tax assessment.