I want to [fill in the blank]. Is that allowed? You have the option to apply for a zoning permit (cost $65), or, if it’s particularly complex you can ask for a preliminary opinion (cost $200). Payable in advance. The Zoning Officer’s decision establishes property rights for a landowner and has an automatic right of appeal. We don’t offer opinions based on verbal descriptions over the phone. You can also engage an attorney for a consultation.

I am considering subdividing my property. Is that allowed? You  should consult with a professional engineer familiar with the Township’s Code to see what’s feasible and to get a cost estimate.

I want to add an in-law suite or accessory apartment. Is that allowed? Generally, yes. See Chapter 154.404.H.1 of the Springfield Township Code. The biggest hurdle you’ll have to clear is determining if the septic system is appropriately sized.  For that you’ll need to talk to the BCHD.

I want to add a pole barn/shed. Is that allowed? Generally, yes. See Chapter 154.501.4.A.(3) with respect to accessory structures.

What permits do I need to do things? Almost every project requires a zoning permit. Building permits are required in many circumstances. Stormwater permits are also often required. 

How do I pay my taxes?
Click here for details on the county tax collectors.  

How do I contact the township?
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