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General Questions

How do I pay my taxes?

View details on the county tax collectors.

How do I contact the township?

View our contact information.

Permit/Zoning Questions

I am considering subdividing my property. Is that allowed?

You  should consult with a professional engineer familiar with the Township’s Code to see what’s feasible and to get a cost estimate.

I want to add an in-law suite or accessory apartment. Is that allowed?

Generally, yes. See Chapter 154.404.H.1 of the Springfield Township Code. The biggest hurdle you’ll have to clear is determining if the septic system is appropriately sized.  For that you’ll need to talk to the BCHD.

What permits do I need to do things?

Almost every project requires a zoning permit. Building permits are required in many circumstances. Stormwater permits are also often required.

What permits do I need for a fence?

A zoning permit along with with a sketched plan. The fence cannot be over 7 feet in height.

If I want to install solar panels, what permits do I need to complete?

A zoning permit and building permit must be completed regardless if they will be mounted on the ground or a structure.

If I am replacing my windows, which are the same size, do I need a permit?

No permit is required if you are not altering the structure.

Does an electric dog fence need a zoning permit?


I’d like to have a propane residential temporary generator, does that need a permit?


For an electrical replacement, with the same amps, do I need a permit?

No. If you plan to upgrade, yes, a building permit is needed. If you are replacing any pool electrical, a building/electrical permit is necessary.

My HVAC/AC broke, is a permit needed to replace it?

Yes, a building permit. If you replace the furnace or boiler however, no permit is required.

I’d like new garage doors (8ft-10ft), can I install those without a permit?

No, a building permit with a sketch needs to be submitted. It does not need an architectural seal unless anything is changing structurally.

Do I have to apply for permits to add on a deck or patio?

Yes, a zoning permit is necessary. A building permit is needed in addition to the zoning if the deck is over 30 inches above highest grade or the deck is over 1,000sqft. Guardrails are required for decks 30 inches or more. Rail height should be 36 inches downstairs.

I’m thinking about putting in a pond on my property. What applications need to be completed for a pond?

A zoning application and stormwater application need to be submitted. Note that no structure can be within 75 feet of the pond.

If the lot I purchased doesn’t have a mailing address, when can I obtain one?

Once a building permit is submitted the township will be happy to issue an address.

Are chickens alright to have in Springfield Township?

Yes, they are allowed but they must be in an enclosure – not free range. Roosters are NOT permitted in Village Residential or Village Commercial districts.

Time for my roof to be replaced. Does a permit need to be obtained?

If you are replacing the shingles, no. If plywood or anything structural is being repaired, a building permit will be needed.

Do I need a permit for a pole barn?

A zoning permit needs to be submitted. A building permit is required along with it unless the structure is less than 1,000 sqft or used strictly for agricultural use.

Can I cut down some trees on my land?

You may harvest 5 trees, that are 6 inches in diameter or more, per acre up to 20 in total a year.

If I am looking to do work to my log cabin, what permits do I need?

Actual log cabins are UCC exempt and therefore only zoning permits need to be completed.

When does a review by the County Conservation District need to be done?

A copy of all applications and plans for any proposed construction or development where earth disturbance is 1,000 sqft or greater in any identified floodplain area to be considered for approval shall be submitted by the applicant to the County Conservation district for review and comment prior to the issuance of a floodplain permit. Requirements for the County Conservation District shall be incorporated  by the applicant into the proposed plan. Prior to the issuance of a floodplain permit by the township, a letter of adequacy must be received from the County Conservation District, where applicable.

Building a new home on a lot, the following items are needed:

  • Building permit application along with architectural seal (ideally digital or three physical copies)
  • Zoning application along with plot plan
  • Driveway application
  • Stormwater application
  • Well/Septic approval from Upper Bucks County of Health
  • Erosion/Sediment approval study completed from Bucks County Conservation District.

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