Public Notice

Please contact the Springfield Township Police Department at 215-328-8523 or by email at if you have any concerns, comments, and/or questions.


General Notice

As the temperatures rise, so do the chances of property crimes. The numbers don’t lie! Historically, Springfield Township Police Department experiences an increase in reports and investigations of various crimes. Burglaries, Thefts from Vehicles, and Criminal Mischief are the most common crimes the Police Department notes an increase in occurrences during Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Residents are asked to remain vigilant at all times, especially during these fair weather months.

Town Watch

For members of our community that want to get more involved, please consider applying to be a member of the Springfield Township Town Watch organization. This is a great outlet for increased information about what is going on in your area. Our Police Department works closely with the Town Watch in order to provide up-to-date information, sometimes in real-time, in order to keep our residents safe and informed. The Town Watch is actively meeting and plans to expand its services are being investigated. As large as Springfield Township is, it is a very close community and when we all band together, the word gets out there that Springfield Township is not a place to commit crimes. When we all watch out for one another, it gives the Police Department a leg up on those who come to the township to commit crimes. Nobody should be hesitant about making a phone call to report suspicious activity. For such, please call 610-982-5411 which is the non-emergency line for the Bucks County Dispatch Center. They will take the information and dispatch emergency services accordingly.

 Application in PDF format.

How to Reach Us



To speak with a Bucks County Dispatcher on our non-emergency line. (To speak with a Police Officer, ask the dispatcher to have one call you back.)


Chief Michael McDonald
610-346-6700, Ext. 15

Officer Ronald Jacoby
610-346-6700, Ext. 14

Officer Jules Sepulveda
610-346-6700, Ext. 17

Officer Arnold Melton
610-346-6700, Ext. 16