Springfield Township received a Conditional Use application for a G-7 Quarry.

The G-7 Quarry Conditional Use Hearings are being held Virtually via Zoom.  Zoom Information will be posted on the Township Website and Social Media on the Friday before the hearing. The next scheduled hearing is on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

H&K Group has granted an extension to allow Springfield Township to hold the Conditional Use Hearing. The first Conditional Use Hearing was held on September 8, 2020 at 7:30pm at the Springtown Volunteer Fire Dept.

Planning Commission Recommendation Letter to the Board of Supervisors

Procedure for Conditional Use Application/Hearing

G-7 Quarry Application

Township Engineer Review Letter (June 9, 2020)

Exhibit # A-1 H&K Response to Township Engineer Review Letter (Submitted 6.30.2020)

Exhibit # A-2 Overall Site Plan revised 6/29/2020

Exhibit # A-3 Traffic Impact Study Report with Appendices  (Submitted 6.30.2020)

Exhibit # A-4 Acknowledgment and Consent of Owner to conduct surface mining — Signed (10.12.2020)

Exhibit # A-14 ALL4 LLC Memorandum

Exhibit # A-15 Right of Way and Easement Agreement

Exhibit A-16 

Exhibit B-2

Exhibit B-3

Exhibit B-4

Exhibit B-5

Exhibit # B-6 Correspondence to The Intelligencer Legal Advertising Department

Exhibit # B-7 Public Notice

Exhibit # B-8 Proof of Advertisement for Public Hearing

Exhibit B-9

Exhibit B-10

Exhibit B-11

Exhibit B-12

Exhibit B-13

Proposed exhibit from K. Fliszar received 2021.1.08

Proposed exhibit from K. Fliszar_2021.1.08(a)

Proposed exhibit from K. Fliszar_2021.1.08(b)

Proposed exhibit from K. Fliszar_2021.1.08(c)

Future Board Exhibit

Real Estate Summary

Planning Commission Meetings (Zoom Recordings)

6.18.2020 Planning Commission Zoom Meeting Recording 
Password: 5c?5F9$H

7.1.2020 Planning Commission Meeting Zoom Recording
Password: 4n$?0#!%

7.16.2020 Planning Commission Zoom Meeting Recording
Password: 1x!w82um

Planning Commission Zoom Meeting Recording
Password: qj$K#xS3

Planning Commission Zoom Recording