Alarm Registration

Under Local Ordinance #47, you, as the owner or installer of an alarm system, have certain specific obligations:

  1. Anyone who maintains an alarm system within the Township must provide (and update) a current written list of names and telephone numbers of persons who may be contacted in case of emergency to allow access for emergency responders and persons who are authorized to provide service to the alarm system. Both must be available on a twenty-four hour basis and should be able to arrive within a half hour. This list must be provided to each emergency agency that may be summoned by the alarm. (This allows the emergency responder to have someone familiar with the property and/or the system available to answer questions and allow access without breaking doors etc. These persons should be reasonably close to the alarm’s location.)

  2. Audible alarm systems must be silenced within thirty (30) minutes after a designated responsible person has been notified, or the system may be equipped with a timing device to automatically silence the alarm within thirty (30) minutes after it is activated. (This prevents the neighborhoods from being unnecessarily disturbed by malfunctioning or neglected systems. )

  3. Direct dial alarms shall not be connected to an agency’s emergency phone number and shall not transmit more than three (3) repeated transmissions of an alarm for the same emergency. (This is to prevent phone lines from being unnecessarily tied up by a malfunctioning alarm system.)

  4. Installers also have the responsibility of preventing false alarms by providing programs of training, periodic inspection, and maintenance to their system.

Now that the obligations of the alarm system users and installers are specifically listed it is sincerely hoped that this agency and other emergency agencies can serve you more efficiently and more safely. This is the only goal of the Ordinance. Alarm registration can be made by contacting our department so that we may send you the appropriate form and information. Or you may click on the icon to the right and print the screen out on your printer. After you print it out, just drop it off at the police station or mail it to us at 2320 Township Road, Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951. Please contact us if you have any questions pertaining to the ordinance or the penalties associated with it.

A copy of the alarm registration form can be obtained by calling our station, or you may download a copy by clicking on the link below. The form is also available from our “Downloadable Forms” page. All forms can be viewed and printed using “Adobe Acrobat Reader.” Click on the “Download Adobe Acrobat” link below to download it if you are unable to view the forms.


How to Reach Us



To speak with a Bucks County Dispatcher on our non-emergency line. (To speak with a Police Officer, ask the dispatcher to have one call you back.) 


Chief Michael McDonald
610-346-6700, Ext. 15

Officer Ronald Jacoby
610-346-6700, Ext. 14

Officer Jules Sepulveda
610-346-6700, Ext. 17

Officer Arnold Melton
610-346-6700, Ext. 16